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Fiat 500 Cabrio car Hire Figueres

Today from Auto Rent, Costa Brava, we would like to introduce you to a new vehicle that has just arrived at our facilities! On this occasion, let us introduce you to the Fiat 500 Cabrio.


It is a timeless model, and, thanks to this, the Italian brand has managed to get the most out of your car. What most attracts people to this Fiat are mainly its grille and its typical round headlights. The rear lights are different from the previous ones, since they now have a rectangular shape and they honestly fit very well.

What attracts the most attention, without a doubt, is its bonnet. Ideal for summer days and enjoying both the car and the landscape of the Costa Brava. The bonnet of this Fiat 500 Cabrio can be picked up while the car is running unlike many other vehicles where you have to stop to pick it up.


Inside this Fiat 500 Cabrio you will find many different aspects. The instrument panel remains the same as the previous Fiat, with a single motorcycle-style watch, a radio in the central position and a steering wheel with all the multifunctional controls. In the central console, you will find the gear lever in an elevated position, which is typical of Fiat. At the top of the central console, you will find a touch screen!

The seats of this Fiat 500 Cabrio are very comfortable. The only drawback we found is that it is a 4-seater car. For everything else, we couldn’t find any fault. The boot of this Fiat, although it may seem small, it’s not. Thanks to its depth and regular shapes, it can hold up to 181 litres. Rent it now with Auto Rent Costa Brava!


It is a very comfortable and swift car to drive. The suspensions of this vehicle are very good and stiff. Also, it is a car that is very good at going around corners, which will allow you to enjoy them and the car. The sound of this Fiat 500 Cabrio is very nice. The ideal way to drive this vehicle is to have the engine between 3000 and 5500 revs. It is a very fun car to drive in the mountains, ideal for the Costa Brava!