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Subaru Forest Car Hire Figueres

The Subaru Forest eco-Hybrid has a 50 CV petrol engine combined with another small electric motor whose objective is to reduce consumption a little and give the naturally aspirated petrol engine a power boost when required. The dimensions of this model are a length of 4.63 metres, a width of 1.82 metres and a height of 1.73 metres. 


The front has a very vertical grille, with very large headlights which appear to reach back, and it has a very large bonnet. The chrome that surrounds the grille and the fog lights is eyecatching. Hire the Subaru Forester today! 


Both the front and rear seats are extremely comfortable. The boot has automatic opening and a capacity of 509 litres, so you will be able to put all your suitcases into it without any problems! Hire it at any of our offices.


The engine of this Subaru is happy above 2500/3000 revolutions and it works brilliantly. The electric motor can run the car up to 40 km/hr and it charges the battery from the vehicle deceleration.